Value Engineering


Würth offers a variety of value-added services through our engineering assistance program, CPS®TECH. Our expertise will drive out costs and increase efficiencies in operations while acting as an extension of your engineering team.

Engineering Assistance and Cost Savings

Our goal is to provide your engineering department with access to our vast industry knowledge, allowing them to concentrate on their primary objectives. Würth is most effective when able to become a true extension of your engineering team to help collaborate on new designs, assist in product introductions, and help drive costs out of legacy products and systems. Würth engineers will generate cost savings opportunities through participation in kaizen and lean events, product reviews, line walks, parts consolidation efforts, design assistance, and by recommending assembly techniques and technologies.

Value Engineering

Fastener Academy

Würth recognizes that fastener knowledge is often gained on the job, through trial and error, yet fasteners are a crucial part of the assembly process, so we have decided to bring the knowledge directly to our customers through Fastener Academy. Each training is customized to the attendees (engineering, purchasing, sales, etc.) and their expertise level. Topics include: fastener basics, manufacturing process, industry standards, terms and drawings, torque tension, materials and mechanical processes, threads, hydrogen embrittlement and many more. Since the creation of Fastener Academy in late 2012, more than 500 people from 32 customers have been attended training to gain a much better understanding of fasteners as they apply to each business function.