Kitting and Assembly

CPS® KIT - Your customized selection of assembly materials

Save time and money with CPS®KIT. Würth creates customized assortments for the final assembly of your products and for optimizing your manufacturing control solutions.

In addition to a large number of standardized packages and packaging procedures, Würth also offers special customized solutions specific to our customers’ needs.

You'll profit from the following range of services:

  • Revision of your BOMs
  • Support for standardizing your assortments
  • Application consulting in selecting your packaging solution
  • Design and printing of skin cards
  • Preparation of drawings
  • Creation of individual charge carriers
  • Introduction of assortments into your process using the many logistics modules of the C-Parts Solutions

CPS®ASSEMBLY - Optimize your processes!

CPS® ASSEMBLY lets you purchase pre-mounted assemblies from Würth Industry of North America. High-quality workmanship by specialized partners guarantees maximum safety for your process. When integrated into your CPS®, inventory management program, you optimize your production process.

Customized to your requirements, we focus on the following aspects of process optimization:

Core process

Focus your capacities and resources on your core process by mapping the peripheral processes with CPS® ASSEMBLY.

Value added

Increase the added value of your production by focusing on processes of high added value and replacing upstream processes with pre-mounted assemblies.

Logistics costs

Take advantage of the experience that Würth Industry offers, wherever most of your process costs are caused by C-parts logistics. Introduce your assemblies into the production when you need an individual article by using the various supply solutions of CPS®.