Kanban System

The basis of the Kanban system is simple. It is a rolling two-bin system that provides C-Parts "just-in-time"--directly to the point of use. The system demonstrates great potential for adjustment if requirements change, maximum delivery and supply security at reduced inventory levels and minimal capital commitment.

The flow of materials in Kanban systems from Würth Industry is managed with two bins, each of which has a barcoded Kanban label that specifies the customer, storage location, item, bin, batch and quantity in more detail.

Each bin movement is monitored and captured so that we can give you information about the status of your Kanban program at any time--ensuring availabilty of your parts.

The data is used to schedule all C-Parts at or close to the point of use, to optimize stock levels and to update statistical data. As a customer, you can find all of this informational using the CPS®ONLINE information platform.

Kanban System

The customizeable Kanban systems offered by Würth Industry under the service brand CPS®KANBAN provide the flexibilitly of creating a program that meets the needs of your production demands. These Kanban systems are used predominantly by industrial customers in the manufacturing of their installations and products.

The most suitable solution for automatic replenishment is implemented, tailored to the particular item and to the individual work situation and requirements. Maximum availability of the right item in the right quantity in the right place at the right time in the production facility itself is always paramount: