Transition and change can be daunting, especially when it comes to keeping your operations running while doing a major overhaul on your inventory. Würth understands the critical factors involved to ensure a smooth transition from current procurement and material handling practices to the addition of Würth.

Würth has implemented programs globally for more leading manufacturers than any other supplier. Our North American implementation team has a collective 70+ years in the fastener industry and more than 55 years in implementation and VMI. Our team will manage the project from beginning to end--allowing you any level of involvement--with project management software to ensure key tasks at every level are assigned to a responsible party, tracked, completed, and updated for a no-risk on-time implementation at each of your facilities.

Before and After Implementation

Our standard implementation timeline (from sign-on to completion) ranges anywhere from 45 days to 120 days, depending on program size and number of facilities.

In the timeline are included such key tasks as:

  • Establish program frozen list – confirmed list of parts to start the first phase of the program and ensure supply chain is agreed upon
  • Print/part verification – part descriptions are confirmed by comparison to physical samples to guarantee the correct part from the start
  • Gap analysis – complete analysis of current inventory and commitments will be conducted and matched against Würth lead-times for part availability by program implementation
  • Incumbent inventory transition – Würth works with you to ensure the supply chain between your incumbent, Würth and our suppliers is solid
  • Point of use mapping – working together, we will determine correct packaging, location and staging for each production cell and program delivery location
  • CPS®KANBAN check – the implementation team stays on until your program is running smoothly and has received joint sign-off from both your team and the Würth team
  • Program training – your employees will receive comprehensive training on all aspects of the program in which they will need to be involved