Standard Fasteners

The Würth Group has been supplying standard fastener products to OEMs since 1945--beginning in Künzelsau, Germany and now on a global scale. Our core competency has always been the supply and distribution of assembly components. While we've expanded to include specials and engineered fasteners, our product line still consists of a multitude of standards.


  • Cap screws and hex bolts, carriage bolts, flange bolts, structural bolts, tap bolts, square head bolts, heavy hex cap screws and heavy hex bolts, ferry cap screws, U-bolts, plow bolts, tension control bolts, hanger bolts, elevator bolts, eye bolts, connector bolts, tower bolts, penta bolts, step bolts, coil bolts, cam and bolt connectors, J-bolts, timber bolts, bin bolts, sidewalk bolts, U-bolt plates, askew head bolts, track bolts, and more.


  • Hex nuts, lock nuts, jam nuts, heavy hex nuts, acorn nuts, flange nuts, slotted nuts, wing nuts, weld nuts, coupling nuts, square nuts, spring nuts, tee nuts, castle nuts, allen nuts, cap nuts, high nuts, cage nuts, knurled nuts, acme nuts, palnuts, security nuts, handle nuts, coil nuts, hurricane nuts


  • Machine screws, sheet metal screws, wood screws, thread cutting screws, self-drilling screws, lag screws, SEMS screws, thread rolling screws, binding post screw products, thumb screws, drywall screws, multiple material screws, wind screws, drive screws, eye screws, weld screws, collated screws, flooring screws, dowel screws, roofing screws, accordion screws, euro screws, jack screws


  • Flat washers, lock washers, Belleville washers, beveled washers, finishing washers, square washers, bonded sealing washers, hillside washers, conical washers, spherical washers, wave washers, round-mall washers, saddle washers