Rail Industry

Würth Industry realizes the recent and added demand to improve safety and operations in the rail industry. As the rail industry becomes more compliant with these demands, Würth has the experience and capability to provide global manufacturing and supply chain support for both critical and industry standard fasteners.

Success of these efforts is more than having the ability to get product from one place to another. It requires specific industry knowledge and expertise. Würth understands the unique attributes and specific requirements of the rail industry. We also have the flexibility and know-how to support such complexity with:

We Provide

  • Standard Fasteners to ASME, ASTM, DIN, ISO, etc.
  • AAR Certified Product
  • Engineered & Special Parts
  • Complete Coating & Plating Availability
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Industrial Consumable Products (ICP)
  • Kits & Sub-Assemblies
  • Value Engineering

Download a copy of our Rail Industry Brochure.

Rail Industry

Manufacturing Expertise

In correlation to global manufacturing, supply chain support, assembly components, and maintenance requirements, we use the following Würth owned production facilities to source these critical fasteners: Oliver Van Horn.