Marine Fasteners

In the 1980's, stainless steel fasteners were sometimes difficult to come by. Except for a few major importers that supplied distributors, inventory was not readily available. Carl Brantley realized stainless steel would never gain wide spread acceptance in the US market place as long as this system kept the pricing out of reach for the average consumer. His plan - to invest heavily in imported stainless steel and sell directly to the OEM. In 1984, he opened Marine Fasteners. Today the company is a part of the Würth Group.

At that time, boat builders across the U.S. were the single largest users of stainless steel fasteners. This market recognized the advantages of stainless steel, and immediately jumped at the new competitive prices Marine offered. Within 4 short years, Marine was recognized as the premier supplier of stainless steel fasteners to the marine industry.

Primary supplier to America's largest boat building groups.

Industrial sales grew slower as buyers initially hesitated at the low pricing Marine Fasteners offered. It was the early 90's and fastener quality was national news. Throughout this stormy period of federal agents raiding fastener distributors nationwide, Marine Fasteners' reputation for quality was never questioned.

Offering more than 300 years of fastener experience with rare employee turnover - evidence of a knowledgeable staff backed by a management committed to employee and customer service.

In 1987, Marine opened its first branch in Elkhart, Indiana, to better serve the Midwest and Northeast U.S. market.

By 1999, Sanford had moved into a new 20M square foot warehouse and in 2000, Elkhart had moved into its new 30M square foot facility. In 2001, a third stocking facility was added in Springfield, MO, to serve customers west of the Mississippi River.

In recent years, Marine Fasteners adopted technological advances to make it a more valuable partner. The response to the Palm Pilot Scanner Inventory Management (SIM) for medium size manufacturers has proven so successful, that it was recently introduced as part of the In Plant Distributor (IPD) system. This process, for larger OEM's, offers in plant personnel committed to removing the costs of fastener acquisition and management.

While Marine is always looking for items to compliment their customers needs, unlike the mega hardware distributors, it has chosen not to be all things to all people.