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Würth Fastener Academy brings real world experience and key knowledge of industry leaders to your business and employees.

Participants will learn about common fastener characteristics, mechanical properties, manufacturing processes, industry standards, and much more. Most importantly, students will be able to apply what they learn in Fastener Academy to current and future projects and applications.

Fastener Academy

Fastener Academy Features

Who Should Attend?

Fastener Academy training can be adapted to meet the needs of each class. We currently offer two sessions. The first, Fastener Academy Basics 1, for anyone who has little to some knowlege or experience of Fasteners. The second class, Fastener Academy Basics 2, is the same content but is adapted for those with intermediate to advanced knowledge of Fasteners. Advanced training modules will be offered as they become available.

Course Objectives:

  • Common Fastener Characteristics
  • Mechanical Basics
  • Manufacturing Processes of Fasteners
  • Industry Standards
  • Torque Tension
  • Coatings & Materials
  • And, much more!

Interested in Fastener Academy?

If you are interested in attending Fastener Academy, contact your local Würth Sales Representative.